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Biopsies & Aspirations

Biopsies and Aspirations

Desert Imaging is very committed to providing as much care as possible to give your doctor the whole picture and as much information as possible.

Should a mass or cyst be discovered in your testing, we are equipped to follow through with an ultrasound guided breast biopsy or fine needle aspiration. Without a biopsy or aspiration, it's usually hard for a doctor to confirm what these abnormal areas contain. And you may not know if they are a threat to your health.



Ultrasound guided biopsies are performed using ultrasound to guide a biopsy device into the mass. Tissue from the mass is excised and sent to pathology for confirmation.

The radiologist may recommend fine needle aspiration for areas such as:

    • cysts (fluid-filled lumps)
    • enlarged lymph nodes

At Desert Imaging, fine needle aspirations are performed on breast cysts or thyroid nodules.


Most fine needle aspirations are done on these areas:

    • breast
    • thyroid gland
    • lymph nodes

Aspirations are performed with a fine needle and syringe under ultrasound guidance. Fluid or sludge is removed from the cyst using a syringe and sent to pathology for confirmation.

Desert Imaging

Did you know?

At Desert Imaging, fine needle aspirations are performed on breast cysts or thyroid nodules.

Please refrain from using powder or lotions on the area to be biopsied.
Your doctor may prescribe antibiotic and Tylenol prior to your biopsy.
The ultrasound will be performed to locate the mass or cyst.

The area is prepped with an iodine solution. The tech and radiologist will describe how the procedure is performed. An anesthetic is injected around the site to be biopsied or aspirated. The biopsy device or fine needle is guided into the mass using real time ultrasound. The device takes a small amount of tissue from the mass in biopsies. The syringe takes some of the fluid from the cyst is an aspiration. The tissue is sent to pathology for confirmation. Results are available within 24 – 48 hours.

Our staff will contact you after the procedure to make sure you are feeling well.