Imaging Records

Desert Imaging is pleased to announce that we are implementing new electronic image sharing systems called PocketHealth Patient Sharing and Provider-to-Provider Sharing. This platform will enable us to share Desert Imaging’s imaging records quickly, securely and more efficiently with our physician community!

PocketHealth is helping us transition away from CDs to share imaging studies. As of July 6th, 2021, you will be able to access Desert Imaging's imaging records through PocketHealth.

How does PocketHealth work?

Provider Sharing will allow Desert Imaging to securely share imaging records with its referring community through Access Pages. Patient Sharing will act as a complimentary option by giving patients the ability to permanently store and share their own imaging records with providers within their circle of care from their own PocketHealth account.

PocketHealth uses a distinctive technology that eliminates the need to join a network or burn images on a CD. Instead, an Access Page containing a unique security code is what enables you to access imaging exams online.

The Access Page can be delivered to you by your patient (similar to a CD) through a printed page, fax, email or faxed from Desert Imaging’s staff. All you need to do is navigate to, enter the patient’s date of birth, the security code on the Access Page and the images will be accessible instantly.

After you have selected the studies, you can easily view or import for future access. For more details please review the following document: Recipient FAQ

How will PocketHealth benefit you?

  • PocketHealth is available online through a secure web link; there’s no need to create an account, remember a password or download any specialized software
  • Embedded zero-footprint image viewing functionality presents uncompressed images in full diagnostic quality, with basic and advanced tools to manipulate the images
  • You can plan better consultations by accessing images prior to appointments instead of waiting for a CD

Desert Imaging is joining over 500 clinics and hospitals across Canada and the United States that are partnered with PocketHealth and we look forward to providing our valued referral community with a CD-less way to access patient imaging records.

To learn more, please visit or contact the Desert Imaging Medical Records Department at (915) 577-0100.