Do you know your risk
for Breast Cancer?

Are you normal or high risk?


Knowing this helps you understand how often you need to be screened.

01 - How old are you?


2 - How much estrogen have you been exposed to?

Average Risk

  • I got my period during/after age 12.
  • I gave birth before age 30 & had several pregnancies
  • I have breast fed
  • I entered menopause before age 55.
  • I was a normal weight after menopause.
  • I have not used birth control pills for 10 years or so.
  • I have not used HRT (estrogen/hormone pills).

Higher Risk

  • I got my period before age 12.
  • I have never had children, or did so after age 30.
  • I have not breast fed
  • I entered menopause after age 55.
  • I was overweight after menopause.
  • I am taking birth control pills now.
  • I have used HRT (estrogen/hormone pills).

3 - Do you have a relative who has had breast cancer?


  • Still at risk, as 80% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history.


  • Mother's or father's side still counts.

This doubles your risk

  • My mother, sister or daughter has had breast cancer.

4 - Any breast conditions?

Average Risk

  • I have fibrocystic (lumpy) breasts or dense breasts.

Higher Risk

  • I have had a biopsy before, or found atypical hyperplasia.

5 - Lifestyle habits?

Average Risk

  • I do not consume alcohol
  • I exercise regularly.

Raises Risk

  • I occasionally have an alcoholic beverage.
  • I am somewhat physically active.

Higher Risk

  • I drink more than one alcoholic beverage a day.
  • I am rarely physically active.