200 vouchers for patients
to receive a free 3D mammogram screening

Free 3D mammogram screening

Desert Imaging, El Paso’s premier diagnostic and radiology center, will offer up to 200 vouchers for patients to receive a free 3D mammogram screening, funded by the “Stand with Estela Casas” Cancer Foundation.

Desert Imaging will be issuing these “Stand with Estela” vouchers for uninsured women who are at least 40 years old at “The Pink Pop-Up” event on October 16, 8 am to 1 pm, in the parking lot of the Rio Grande Center Foundation in downtown El Paso. These vouchers will only be distributed at the event and expire on December 31, 2021.

Desert Imaging’s mobile clinic, “Mammos on the Move” (MOM), will also be present to perform onsite mammogram screenings.

With a “Stand with Estela” voucher, if an abnormality is detected during a free mammogram screening, the patient will have any follow-up imaging exams and procedures covered through Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s Breast Cancer Education, Screening, and Navigation Program (BEST).

Desert Imaging

The event will also feature free Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, flu shots, and a variety of vendors who specialize in breast health.

To register in advance for the “Stand with Estela” mammogram voucher, you can contact Mirna Salinas, MOM coordinator, at (915) 227-0530 or mirna.salinas@dielp.com.

Pink Pop Up

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